Captains Krill Oil™ …

From a Boat — Not a Factory.

Captains is a small batch, natural krill oil
— and always will be!

I’m sure you know the benefits of krill oil, so I’m not going to waste your time. You’re here because you’re trying to make a decision – a very important decision – about which one is right for you.

From a Boat Not a Factory

It can get confusing quickly. Everyone says their product is best. Some point to numbers of this or that ingredient. Others claim to be the freshest.

Well, I’m going to cut to the chase. Those products may be okay, but they are not as nature intended. They are processed in a factory to achieve those exact numbers.

Nature has variations … not exact numbers.
I like natural.

Did you know they have an egg with double the protein (how did they do that? … genetics, processing, additives?)   I want my egg as mother nature intended, as a food that my body will recognize — and that’s how I want my Krill Oil Too!

Why Captains Is a Better Krill Oil Choice

The industry has changed the way it harvests and extracts krill oil. As demand has grown, krill oil manufacturers scrambled to find ways to efficiently mass-produce their products.

Today’s industry leaders boast of their “supercritical solvent extraction” methods, “bottled” fresh and “caplique” capsules.

What Is Chemical Solvent Extraction?
Solvent extraction is great for mass production. It allows for the maximum amount of oil to be extracted in the shortest possible time, you don’t lose a drop. But it requires additional processing — the chemical solvent has to be removed. And is all the chemical removed?

What About Capliques?
While many of the big manufacturers tout capliques as some kind of improvement over softgels, the fact is capsules are simply cheaper and faster to produce. Adding the heat-sealed band around the seam of a capsule was done to prevent leaking (although it’s not always effective.)

*** But adding heat to krill oil increases the risk of oxidation. And oxidation means less-effective krill oil. 

What About “Bottled” Fresh?
Indeed virtually all krill oil is bottled right before sale … the problem … how long did the oil sit in drums in a warehouse?  See the pictures here

 Bottom line: The krill oil establishment took a naturally extracted product with clinically proven benefits and added solvents, chemical processes, and heat seals to it.

Then they expected it to have the same results.

Natural WorksCaptains is Krill Oil exactly as mother nature intended.

Captains Krill Oil Is:

  • From the Southern Antarctic Ocean … Not from a Factory.
  • Harvested using a continuous pumping system – krill go straight from the ocean into the extraction process with no time to decompose in between
  • Extracted as it is harvested using a mechanical process that is completely chemical and solvent free
  • Bottled fresh in small batches. So it doesn’t sit around in oil drums waiting to be “bottled fresh.”
  • 100% free of any type of additive, filler or alteration of any kind.

Fresher. Cleaner. Less Expensive.

Put simply, Captain’s Is The Natural Choice

Latest Analysis ResultsWhy Does This Matter?

Because natural krill oil is clinically proven krill oil. No matter what the krill Establishment tells you, nobody has tested krill oil with the alterations they’ve made.

Natural matters.

So click one of the links below, buy some captains and get back to your life!


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31 thoughts on “Captains Krill Oil™ …”

    1. Hey Donna, you’ll find no fish burps with krill oil. If you’re taking fish oil or krill capliques, you’ll find Captains® to be a smaller, easier to take product.

      Hope this helps!

  1. What is the difference between caplique and softgels.

    I was looking to purchase another brand, who guarantee their products are the best.

    But they swear by the caplique capsules, they say there’s less chance of any burbs and better absorption. Just better all the way around.

    1. Hi Gail, my ears always perk up when someone is claiming any product is “just better all the way around” that’s a mighty tough thing to be true. Sort of like “highest quality, lowest prices” … we all know it’s impossible to have the highest quality AND the lowest prices, there has to be some trade-off to achieve either.

      As for capliques, they’re primary advantage is that they are cheaper to manufacture. And because they are manufactured separately from the krill, they can be produced in advance, speeding up the krill processing.

      There is no research we can find that points to a health advantage of capliques.

      Some ads claim less burbs with capliques. But burbs are not an issue with krill oil. If this really were the case, then why not put fish oil in capliques? You’d immediately stop the #1 complaint with fish oil products. We don’t know of any fish oil products in capliques.

      Some ads claim better absorption of nutrients with capliques, but this has been researched a number of times with no positive results.

  2. I’m looking for a good krill oil for treatment of my son’s ADHD. I’m concerned about Mercury. What reassurances can you give that the oil is not contaminated?

  3. Hey Captain, How do you compare with Viva Krill Oil? Last week I had my 2nd surgery to remove melanoma. From what I understand, this is the 1st step for me to get right to improve my health. Warm Regards, Russell

    1. The primary difference between Viva and Captains is that Captains is extracted without any chemical solvents. The rest is laid out pretty well on this website. Any other questions, don’t hesitate.

  4. Other Brands state 270MG EPA and 180 DHA at 1500MG. What would be the reason I should choose Captains over this other brand? Thanks

    1. Hi Rick, most research is done with 1,000mg doses. You are correct, lately, we’ve seen a lot of companies producing products at 1,200 and even 1,500 like the one you mention. But it’s important to understand, the reason for higher dosage (and larger pill) is to increase the EPA/DHA numbers of lower quality oils.

      As for why you would choose Captains … that has nothing to do with dosage or nutrient numbers. Captains is the only krill oil currently on the market that is mechanically extracted … no chemical solvents, no heat, no processing at all and no factory needed. Just old fashioned, small batch krill oil.

    1. Hi Richard, most research recommends 1,000mg daily. Lately, we’ve seen a lot of people producing products at 1,200 and even 1,500 because with lower quality oil you need higher dosage to meet the nutrient numbers. So what sounds like more dosage, is really lower quality bigger pills.

    1. Hi Jill, it sure helped mine! And I’m not alone… Krill oil contains EPA and DHA, two omega-3′s that help support healthy joint function and mobility. The essential fatty acids in krill oil also help to lubricate joints. A recent study published in the journal of Current Pharmaceutical Design, found marine-based omega-3 fatty acids, like those from krill oil, significantly helped to promote joint health. Taking a krill oil supplement is an easy and effective way to manage many joint conditions.

    1. We are actively seeking retailers interested in carrying Captains in their store. Please print this web page and take it to your favorite health store and just give it to them … we’d love to have them contact us.

  5. Hello captain! I have been doing major research on Krill and your blew me away, it sounds so good. I was wondering how much i can give my dog? i want to give it to her as well.

    1. Obviously, we aren’t veterinarians, but we do have many customers that use Captains for their pets. For 20-40lbs we typically see people do 1 softgel morning and some add 1 softgel evening.

  6. Currently appreciating what you do! My only question is, if this product is frozen at any time – from catch to delivery for retail?

  7. Hi, i would like to know, why aren’t the specs. listed on the bottles. Is this due to the fact that it changes slightly from each batch caught and processed. Please enlighten me. Enquiring minds want to know. Thank-u.

    1. Captains doesn’t provide a breakdown of the individual nutrients on the label because, unlike those other products, it does not do anything to manipulate/precisely control those nutrient numbers. In fact, it does not process the krill oil at all. It is pure krill oil the way nature intended it.

      When manufacturers don’t alter a product they often don’t give breakdowns of individual nutrients.

      Of course, the biggest reason all krill oil [except Captains] is processed that way is because it’s extracted from the krill body via chemical solvents (basically dissolves the krill body). Those chemicals then have to be removed via factory processing equipment. (more info here)

      For most people, this gets pretty confusing, which is why we simply say, “From the Boat – Not the Factory.” When in reality it means so much more; no chemical extraction, no oxidation in drums, no aging in the supply chain, etc.

      Bottom line, as you can see, Captains is a very different krill oil product.

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