Capliques vs Softgels

What Exactly Are Capliques?

The krill oil industry is in love with the Caplique. Rather than a traditional softgel, a Caplique is basically a capsule with a heat-sealed band around the seam. It’s supposed to minimize leaking and odor. It also claims to be “more natural” because it doesn’t require “additional fillers or binders.” But there is more to the story.

Is It Really “More Natural?”

Basically the “more natural” claim seems to be tied to not requiring “additional fillers or binders.” Well, softgels don’t require those things, either. So I’m not really sure what capliques are supposed to be “more natural” than. The capsules themselves are made of similar gelatin material. The biggest difference between a softgel and a Caplique is the band around the seam in the capsule. Issues With Capliques
  • Despite the claim of the band “minimizing leakage,” there have been ongoing complaints from customers of leakage.
  • Capliques are almost always larger pills than softgels, and harder to swallow.
  • The band itself is applied via heat-seal, which increases the risk of oxydation. And oxydation means less-effective krill oil.
  • There have been multiple complaints that the capliques aren’t always full (see image below). Air inside the capsule also leads to oxydation, which lowers the effectiveness of krill oil.
Air inside Capliques Lessens Effectiveness Of Krill Oil

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

The bottom line is that there was nothing wrong with encapsulating krill oil in traditional softgels. The ONLY advantage we can determine is that capliques are faster and cheaper to mass-produce. But if you’re not trying to meet mass-market demand, softgels are actually a better alternative. They don’t leak (unless they’ve somehow been punctured or melted after exposure to heat – which means you need to return that bottle for a replacement anyway), they don’t allow for extra air, and they’re smaller and easier to swallow. For all of these reasons, Captain’s Krill Oil will continue to be encapsulated in softgels, not Capliques. So click one of the links below, buy some captains and get back to your life! Sincerely, Captain signature  


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