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  1. I bought another brand of krill oil and am thinking of switching to Captain’s Krill Oil. I need to reorder in the next few weeks. How do you ship the product during the excessively hot months in South Louisiana?

    1. Hi Merle, that would depend on the retailer you purchase from … many offer 1 or 2 day shipping, which should be okay in most cases.

  2. One website commented that the method of sealing capliques (band is placed around the seam of a caplique could actually contribute to oxidation of the Krill Oil.) If I understood it correctly Captains Krill Oil is sealed in this manner.

    1. Obviously, we aren’t veterinarians, but we do have many customers that use Captains for their pets. For 20-50lbs we typically see people do 1 softgel morning and some add 1 softgel evening.

    1. We are Veterinarians, but we typically see people do 1 softgel for 20-40lbs we typically see people do 1 softgel morning and some add 1 softgel evening.

  3. The Caplique folks say that Sofgels are semi-permeable membranes that allow oxygen to pass through them to allow oxidation of the oil and that the capsules keep the oxygen in the air out preventing spoilage. So who is right? Dr Mercola shows testing indicating no by-products of oxidation in his product. He found chemicals showing the sofgels could not pass FDA tests for spoilage. Viva labs says their oil is cold pressed on the ship and that Dr. M stole the trademark name Caplique from them so now he has to say Capsule

    1. Pretty confusing, huh? I’ll try and shed some light one at a time.

      1) Caplique makers on softgels … I’ll quote an article from the National Institutes of Health, “The softgel hermetic seal prevents any oxidation and permeation of odor and taste of active ingredients.” Article is here …

      2) I can’t really speak to Dr. Mercola’s product testing … but if he’s loose with the facts on softgel oxidation, then you can decide.

      3) Viva cold pressed on the ship … this is a most interesting question. You will note that until a few months ago they showed their extraction as “supercritical solvent extraction” … but now their site makes no mention of this only saying “processed” onboard via an “innovative technique” … but then on the home page they state, “to preserve nutrients, our krill are frozen as soon as they are harvested.” Why would they need to be frozen if they were sealed from oxygen?

      For my 2 cents, we’re simply trying to produce the freshest, cleanest krill oil possible … we’re quite hopeful that others will follow our lead and move away from industrial efficiencies like solvent extraction, frozen krill and drums of oil!

  4. Can you tell us about the glycerin used for your soft gel? Is it vegetable based, which is safe for dogs, or is it petroleum based which is deadly to dogs.


    1. Great question Dee, the glycerin is a food grade, vegetable-based lubricant used on the equipment that’s used in manufacturing & bottling. Hope this helps with your research!

    1. Yes Vicki, it is Gluten free … there are no additives of any kind. Good luck in your research!

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